Too Many Choices in Telecom

3 March 2017


 March 3, 2017

Though we can appreciate the number of carrier options we have in the telecom industry for our business, there are “Too Many Choices”.  Businesses rely on their employees to know what the best options are between 10 – 15 carriers in their area and it is hard to know which carrier to go with.  Should you go with ATT, TDS Metrocom, Spectrum, Comcast, Verizon, Level 3 or Windstream?  Some offer great internet, but not voice services, some have 5 year agreements and others Month to Month.  From someone that has been in the telecom industry for 22 years, I always recommend relying on Experience and Relationship.  I think we all like to buy from those we trust.

Just recently at Novius, we have been working with an organization that needs to reduce their telecom charges for their different facilities and needs to maintain several services for security and alarms, elevator, fax and a few lines for calling.  Their expenses for these services are almost $4,000 a month.  The key is to know what carrier to go with, no to compromise service and to ensure flexibility in these agreements so they are not committing too long for services that may not be needed in the future.  It is not always about the cheapest monthly charge, but it is nice.  This goes back to my recent comment about Experience and Relationship.  The rep in the call center may have a good deal, but we find they often leave out the misc. (Federal Access Charges, Surcharges, Taxes) out of the quote and these impact the true savings when you get your invoices.

Novius has identified a carrier that has calling plans available that would reduce their overall expenses for these services at around $800 a month, including all misc. charges.  This organization is anticipating reducing their overall telecom expenses by over $38,000 a year.

When you are considering MPLS or Point to Point Circuits, Internet, Voice, Hosted PBX, Conference Calling, we can work with our team to develop the solution that makes sense for your business.  We have the Experience and I am looking to develop that business Relationship with your organization.  We do business all over country and work with around 40+ carriers worldwide.  We Do Not have quotas and we can easily look at multiple options for your business to meet your time table without the pressure.

When you are considering rather calling into a call center to get some new rates or you need to order new services for our expanding business, give us a call at Novius at (269) 492-4409.

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