TelecomManager – No Installation. No Hardware. No Worries

Are you still using spreadsheets to manage your telecommunication expenses and using sticky notes to remember what carrier you have tickets with? 

Experience TelecomManager, a web-based telecommunication management application, to simplify your process and track the key voice and data information that is vital to your organization!  Our vision with TelecomManager has been to provide your team and organization with a simple solution to help you take control of your voice and data services with our inventory tracking component and consolidate all of your important telecom information into one site.  Our proprietary Software as a Service (SaaS) incorporates wireline and wireless management to make your work easier.

You are able to see from the screen shots below the advantages of using TelecomManager and how organized the key information for all of your locations and services is laid out.

This screen allows you to view your organizations locations and quick links to important information with your Dashboard.  The dashboard is used to view Active Proposals that we have prepared for you, Create Requests for tickets that you need Novius (or your carrier directly) or even to request a new product/service that you need Novius to order for you, view Pending Requests and Charges In Dispute that we have open, Generate Reports that allow you to view and print your locations telecom inventory by location and Admin Settings that allow you to manage who see’s your important and confidential telecommunications information within your organization.


Benefit of TelecomManager:

– Access from anywhere, web-based
– Telecom Dashboard
– Active Proposals, pending your approval
– Service ticket component with Pending Requests
– Reports with Savings items and Inventory, by location
– Charges in Dispute
– Carrier agreement expiration alerts
– Contract for each service uploaded
– Circuit ID tracking
– Much, Much More!

Inventory management is at the core of most TEM systems.  TelecomManager is designed to manage telecom expenses starting with tracking each element in a company’s communication service.  TelecomManager has the ability to track each voice line, cost per service, internet service, Circuit ID IP address, carrier agreement, expiration date and much more.  And beyond simply tracking, TelecomManager can report on usage and trends, allowing users IT staff and CFO’s to see monthly telecom spend by location.


This screen allows you to Create Service Requests to be sent into Novius or your carrier directly so you don’t need to spend countless hours on the phone calling 4-5 different carriers to get quotes and then to spend the time ordering and tracking the order.  It is as easy as filling out the request with drop down menus custom to your locations already created and click submit.  Let Novius do the work for you and track the status in the Pending Requests section.



This Inventory Detail Report screen allows you to view your organizations telecommunications inventory for all locations in one single report or by location.  This allows you to pass reports to others within your organization or just see how each carrier is billing you down to the penny.  Our goal is to give you the tools and reporting needed to make your job easier and more accurate.


Telecommunications Billing

With larger companies processing as many as 15,000 telecom-related bills per year, and smaller businesses spending significant hours on billing each year, it is no wonder companies are turning to automated TEM systems.  TEM software saves manpower and increases accuracy.  Because businesses can afford to audit only a small percentage of invoices, it is difficult to find errors.  In fact, many accounting departments pay any bill within ten percent of the previous month.  TEM software can save companies significant dollars, as it allows for each invoice to be compared to contracts and actual usage, making it easy to catch overcharges and errors.

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