TelecomManager (SaaS) Available to Clients and Agents

16 October 2019


 October 16, 2019
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Telecommunications is such an amazing and fun industry to be in.  Being in it for 25 years, I have seen product advancement in so many ways.  I‘ve sold bag phones, flip phones and what we have today with touchscreen phones.  I have been a part of implementing T1’s, Frame Relay services and now MPLS and Cloud Services for organizations around the world.  I even remember when DSL was launched in markets around the state and how excited businesses were to upgrade from dial up or ISDN Bri.

Running my own company for the past 18 years, carriers have really improved their service offerings and helped businesses grow and communicate for efficiently for our customer and their own employees.  I am honored to be in this middle of that technology and being able to work closely with hundreds of businesses and government agencies over the past 25 years.    

One product that has not been widely available around the industry for small to midsize organizations is a tool to help manage and organize your telecommunications in one place.  Truly one place to put all of your telecom carrier accounts, phone lines, Circuit ID’s, internet connections, data circuits, Etc.  One place to keep all of your carrier agreements, a place to set up automatic notifications emails letting you know when each agreement is going to expire within 90, 60 and 30 days prior to expiration so you have time to shop around or renegotiate.  TelecomManager does just that.

About 10 years ago, Novius developed this tool called TelecomManager.  We needed a web-based application to help Novius perform our Inventory & Assessment audits for our clients that have multiple locations around the state and country, multiple carriers at each office and multiple people managing these services and agreements.  Still so many employees use sticky notes and excel documents to try and manage so much on a monthly basis.  One other great feature about TelecomManager is that it does not complete with carriers at all.  It simply takes all of the information and allows you to organize it into one place, TelecomManager.    

We are relaunching the Web-Based application to Client and Partner portal, creating a strong SaaS Application to help your organization get more organized with your Telecommunication services and possibly save 20 – 50% off your telecommunication services.  We will also help your organization load all of the carrier invoices and agreements into the tool by location so you can see what you are paying for, quicker. 

For more information on TelecomManager or other services that Novius offers our clients, call our office at (269) 492-4409, send an email at or visit us at for more information. 

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