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4 November 2013


 November 4, 2013
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I have been in the telecommunications industry for nearly 20 years and the statement I hear all too often is, “I wish I had software to help me organize and manage my telecommunication services and carrier agreements”.  Your question has become a reality over the past 10+ years.  True Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is very important for organizations of any size and with limited staff having to keep track of invoices.  There are 50+ national carriers to choose from and this can be very difficult and very overwhelming to anyone trying to gather quotes and work with.

TelecomManager is a SaaS application (or software as a service) and it is among several Telecommunication Companies around the country that offers a very powerful tool to help your staff keep track of all aspects of your telecom services.  Though many are very good, cost is an important factor.  Why should you consider or subscribe to this type of service?  The answer will not only help your organization stay of top of your carrier expenses, but also like any good assistant, this software will make sure you know when your agreements are expiring.  You will receive timely alerts that remind you when important carrier agreements are coming close to expiration, help you view your business locations at a glance and location circuit IP information or bandwidth speeds, what services you have at each location, what rates you are paying for those services, etc.  With confidence, I can tell you that if you have a business with over $10,000 in telecom expenses on a monthly basis and multiple locations that you are trying to manage, take a close look at TelecomManager or other software that will enhance your business.  Our software starts at $99.99 or can be discounts as we manage your telecommunication services on a monthly basis.

TelecomManager and other telecom software packages range from $99.99 – $1,000+ a month, depending on all of the features and how automated the software is.  Even if we find 1 items each month that we identify is expiring or is in error, the subscription is well worth the cost.  I have known businesses that have spend $1,000 a month for services and once it expired, the tariff rates went to $6,000+ a month.  It can take 1 – 3 months to investigate what carriers for a renewal rate or to replace the service and install a new circuit, it takes 30-45 days to install and 30 days to stop the billing once you send in the disconnect letter.  TelecomManager and others will offer you the notification you need to plan ahead so this does not happen.

Novius works with 50+ carriers nationally and we find that when you have the software tools at your fingertips, like TelecomManager, we are able to work on your behalf to do the research needed to give you the carrier options that will be best for your business.  Any good consulting company has the ability to pull together 2-3 carrier options and present you with them to help you make the best choice for your business.  Novius has done that for over 12 years and we feel that experience, an understanding of the industry and the ability to understand our clients needs has allows us to bring this value to our clients and alleviate the burden of too may options.  We want to keep our industry simple, but the carriers have become so complex that our job needs to be able to dumb it down and offer solutions with integrity and with our client best interest at all times.

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