Telecom Expense Management

Novius provides clients with monthly invoice validation, carrier Moves, Adds, Changes & Deletes (MACD) processing and invoice management. Most organizations are beginning to understand that high volumes of complex telecom invoices from multiple vendors, each with unique billing formats and media, create an administrative nightmare. In many cases, telecom and accounting staff are tasked with the impossible: receive invoices, validate, allocate charges, process bills on time and fix the billing issues that have occurred that month.

Benefits of TelecomManager:

  • Monthly Invoice Validation – Routinely validate invoices to ensure accuracy and the opportunities for savings
  • Cost Reduction – Controlling & Reducing your direct expense to vendors
  • Optimization – Ensure your organization is on the best services for your needs and strategically plan for growth with flexibility
  • Carrier Management – Expertise in carrier interaction, negotiation and MACD processing
  • Partnering with Staff – The ability for our team to work along side your staff to alleviate workload and assist in planning and direction.


Telecommunications Expense Management – Inventory Tracking

Inventory management is at the core of most TEM systems. TelecomManager is designed to manage telecom expenses starting with tracking each element in a company’s communication service. TelecomManager has the ability to track each voice line, cost per service, internet service, Circuit ID IP address, carrier agreement, expiration date and much more. And beyond simply tracking, TelecomManager can report on usage and trends, allowing users IT staff and CFO’s to see monthly telecom spend by location.

Telecommunications Billing

With larger companies processing as many as 15,000 telecom-related bills per year, and smaller businesses spending significant hours on billing each year, it is no wonder companies are turning to automated TEM systems. TEM software saves manpower and increases accuracy. Because businesses can afford to audit only a small percentage of invoices, it is difficult to find errors. In fact, many accounting departments pay any bill within ten percent of the previous month. TEM software can save companies significant dollars, as it allows for each invoice to be compared to contracts and actual usage, making it easy to catch overcharges and errors.