Telecom Services

maze218hHave you ever really studied your Voice, Data or Wireless phone bills?

OK, so maybe you tried and after getting lost in the maze you just gave up and just started sending in your money.  You might be surprised to know that you are typically over charged in ways it’s nearly impossible to figure out.

Our job is to represent you, cut through the maze and negotiate refunds and negotiate stronger telecom contracts for you as our customers.  Think of us as being like a specialized attorney representing you to your service provider.  We speak their language – and that language is unique.

What can you expect?

  • Up to 70% reduction in spending through telecom contract negotiation and optimization of services
  • 5 – 10% on-going reduction in overall telecom spending each year through monthly or quarterly bill review and inventory optimization
  • Ongoing monitoring to continually ensure you are getting the best rates as they change over time.

What is new at Novius?

Novius launched TelecomManager to our clients in 2011 to allow web access to view their telecom inventory of services by location, request Moves, Adds, Changes & Disconnects (MACD) to track these tickets in the portal.  This SaaS TEM application will incorporate the major features that clients look for in an application.

Interested in learning more send us an email at or call (866) 492-4409.