Inventory & Assessment (Audit)

auditNovius offers its clients a project based Inventory & Assessment audit service with exceptional return. The telecom industry is a constant moving target; new orders, deletions of existing services, moves, modifications to underlying features, contracts and other changes create challenges for effective management. An in-depth analysis of your organization’s voice, data & wireless invoices offers you peace of mind that your organization is paying the most competitive rates for the services your organization needs. Novius believes that for organizations with high rate of change and ordering, inventory management is the logical next step.

This Three phase approach will allow us to deliver;

check icon Inventory & Assessment – Provide clients with a detailed inventory of your services that appear within your carrier’s invoices, records, charges and contracts; as well as deliver a full assessment highlighting areas of improvement and areas to optimize your organizations telecommunication expenses.

check iconImplementation of Savings – On clients behalf, the recommendations that have been approved by your organization will be processed and validated on future invoices for accuracy.

graph iconTrack Changes & Monthly Invoice Validation – We will be reviewing invoices on a monthly basis to ensure the changes that we implement are processed correctly by the carriers and we will validate the invoices future accuracy and carrier agreement expiration dates.

This solution offers you with an increase visibility for savings opportunities and the ability to optimize service and manage cost.