Hosted Business Phone Solutions

Novius partners with nearly 50 carriers nationally and many of them offer Hosted Phones Solutions for your organization.  We can help you define your phone system needs and help you design the best solution for your day to day business.  We will then pull together pricing from some of the following carriers that we work directly with.  This process not only saves week of meetings interviewing the different carriers, but we help pull 2-3 of the best carriers for your needs and help with the entire process to implement the solution.

Here are several carriers that we work with:

  • MiSwitch Communications
  • RingCentral
  • ShoreTel Sky
  • Star2Star Communications
  • TelNet Worldwide
  • Vonage Business

Contact a sales associate to learn more and allow us to put a solution for your organization together at (866) 492-4409.